A Guide to getting your Business Listed on Lean On Me

* We are currently accepting submissions from Limerick, Clare, Galway, Tipperary, Kerry & Cork. If you are in another county and interested in joining Lean On Me, please email info@leanonme.eu and we will be in contact.

Step 1

Go to www.leanonme.eu and click on Register Your Business in the Top menu

Step 2

Enter your email address, and tick the buttons to Apply to register as a Participating Business and Accept the Terms, once you have read them.

Step 3

Fill out the short form, giving your company details; Name, Phone & Address

Once this form is filled in, Click Apply to Be a Participating Business.

You will be taken to your Account Dashboard at this stage. We will receive your application and you will need to wait until it is Approved by Lean On Me staff. You will get an email once it is approved and you can then continue to link your account to Stripe and setup your Listing.

Step 4

Once you have receive your Approval email, go back to your Account Page. Click on the Button ‘Business Dashboard

Step 5

From the Business Dashboard, click the link to connect your Stripe account.

You will now be taken to a page that will ask you to either sign in (at the top, see image below) or if you do not yet have a Stripe account you can use the form presented to signup with Stripe.

If you are already logged in to your Stripe account, it may just give you an option to connect and ask for your password.

Step 6

Once you are connected, you will be returned to your Account page.Now go back to your Business Dashboard and you will see the option to Add Listing. ( This will become your listing as it appears on the leanonme.eu Website for others to see )

Step 7

Complete the Listing Form for your Business Listing. You will need to enter your Business Name and a short description about your company ( check out what others are putting in on their listings on www.leanonme.eu if you need inspiration! ). In the Location section tick the County & Area that relates to where your business is. Then upload a Featured Image, which ideally should be your Logo or Shop Front. This should be a square image to avoid it being cropped on your listing.

You can also optionally add 3 more images to your gallery to display on your Listing page.

Click Save Pending, and you are done !

We will then review your submission and once it is approved, it will appear on the LeanOnMe.eu website

Make sure to push your listing on Social Media and to all your customers by email if you can. This article on our website might help: