The Image Designs


First impressions matter.
30 years ago I walked out of Exeter College with a qualification in graphic design. Of course back then it was all chalkboards, chalk, and crayons!!
In that 30 years I have continued to learn all I can about design and marketing believing we should in life be constant students with an urge to improve on what we know.
I also believe in that personal touch, which means when you use theimagedesigns for graphic design be it book covers, leaflets, or logos I will remain in contact with you at all points during the design process; and although I won’t bore you with all my processes I am happy to explain at any point why I feel a design should be done in a particular way.
But be warned because of this I don’t actually believe the customer is ALWAYS right sometimes I will lead you in a direction I feel is better for the design. I aim to present you with the very best design I can, a design that works.
I look forward to working with you in the near future.

The Image Designs