Yoga Walks Ireland,

Disconnect to Connect Wellness Workshops
This program is run over 2 full days or 2 hours once a week for 6 weeks.
We have become connected to social media, phones, drugs, emotional upheaval, family fueds, undervaluing work environments, racism, ill health and lots more…..So the body and mind have become disconnected from each other and from nature. Our contact with nature is diminishing, working in artificial light, purchasing food in highly processed form with little obvious link to its source, rarely walking to our work or school. This modern life has a negative impact on our health, energy levels and moods. Starvation in terms of calorie intake is no longer an issue but people are frequently starved of fresh air through our indoor life and failing to take time to breathe properly.
Our programme ‘Disconnect to Connect’ provides a variety of ways to reconnect with nature and our inner selves without giving up the day job or having to live in a cave. We must give our bodies, minds and souls time.
This program will benefit all ages, all levels of fitness.
Cost – 720 euro.

Yoga Walk in Galtycastle Wood (every Thursday 7pm to 9pm).
Cost – 20 euro per person.
Also see attached poster of all our upcoming Themed Yoga Walks.
We can also create bespoke yoga walks to suit different needs.

Yoga Classes – Nurturing Gentle Healing Yoga.
These classes can be created for any age group and any level of fitness.
To give you a brief overview of these classes – here are 2 testimonials =
“The Yoga classes are most enjoyable. As with life, it is all about getting the balance right. This is what Yoga Walks Ireland do so well. They combine a measured and beautiful programme of physical effort through stretching and breathing. This is coupled with the advice to ‘listen to your body’. Yes, this is so important! I have to be responsible, I have to be in charge of my wellbeing. All this with some philosophical readings and reflections, wow, that’s a challenge at times! But the icing on the cake for me is at the end of the class, when we all lie on our mats in the dimmed light and each one is ‘anointed’ when they place their hands on each of our heads….it is elevating.” (by Mary Fitzgerald).
“I had the wonderful privilege and pleasure of attending 2 healing yoga classes this week. I was on a high after both classes and that feeling remains. Great things happening for me but the most profound was immediate back relief after Yoga Walks Ireland girls used the Egyptian healing bars on me. Thank you 🙏 … “ x Niamh Walsh

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