Tips for Traders to boost engagement

We have noticed that some businesses are outperforming others, and the trend appears to be directly linked to the publicity and social media reach of the different traders. With this in mind our creative and media department have created a very simple ABC tips sheet and SM traders post for content creation that I would like to share with you now. I hope this helps boost the profile of your presence and participation in Lean On Me.

1. Use your own channels.

You have done a brilliant job of creating a customer base that loves your business. It’s time to talk to them. Reach out and tell them you need some help. If you have social media accounts, post a message across all of them with the attached image. (Lean-On-Me-traders-post.jpg)

Here’s an example of what you might say:

“#Limerick. We at {Insert trader name} are experiencing very difficult times. We need our customers to help get us through. If you buy a voucher for our business at today, we will honour it after lockdown. This will help us keep the lights on until then. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon, {Insert personal name of retailer} e.g. Joe Bloggs.”

2. Use your staff and family channels

Many of your staff will have their own social media accounts, some with lots and lots of followers. Ask them if they would be so kind as to share your companies post on their accounts and while you’re at it, get your friends and family to do the same. This will help you reach a much wider audience.

3. Don’t forget to use the hashtag # and the website address

Our hashtag is #forlifeafterlockdown. By using this you will connect your post to any other post that uses this hashtag. This will join you to the wide community of people engaging with this campaign and help you reach more people. Don’t forget to include as this is how people can buy their vouchers. 

4. Be yourself

Finally, you are talking to the people of your community, the people you know and love. Use the type of language you use to your customers every day. No need to sound “professional” or “polished” just be yourself and this will help your customers to see the people behind the business.